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Open kitchen ideas for multifunctional spaces

Open plan kitchens create a seamless flow between cooking, dining, and living areas, making them ideal for entertaining and family interaction. They maximize space, allow for more natural light, and provide a modern, spacious feel that enhances the home's overall ambiance. To make an open kitchen work, focus on three core elements: light sources, sectioning the space and ensuring design continuity.

Modern open kitchen featuring black shelving and matching black stools, square metro tiles and a polished conrete floor.webp

Let light sources shape your open kitchen space 

Large natural light sources like floor-to-ceiling windows are perfect for open plan kitchens. Position your most-used areas, such as dining tables or kitchen islands, near these windows to enjoy ample natural light and outdoor views. Consider the shape of your space when designing your kitchen layout. A U-shaped kitchen is excellent for maximising storage and workspace, while an L-shaped kitchen can create a more open and flexible layout.

This Alku kitchen image is a great example of an open concept kitchen.  The modern design places the stools facing toward the crittal doors and open kitchen diner runs parallel to the open kitchen island creating continuity between the spaces.

Use natural light to guide open kitchen layout

 Adam Scott for Turner Architects.webp

This open kitchen layout from Turner Architect's (image by Andrew Scott) creates a centralised source of light in an otherwise long and thin open plan kitchen space which could have been dark but instead feels modern and calm.

"An open-plan kitchen is all about creating a fluid space where cooking, dining, and living seamlessly blend together, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics."

Kelly Hoppen,

Renowned Interior Designer

Subtly section each functional space

In an open plan kitchen, using texture can seamlessly link different areas. For example, jute rugs and bamboo place settings at the dining table can complement bamboo chopping boards in the kitchen. Kitchen islands and half walls are great for subtly segregating spaces in an open concept kitchen- providing a natural division between cooking and dining areas. Rugs and ceiling lights create defined 'focus areas' that organise the space into distinct sections, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your modern open kitchen. This approach is perfect for small open kitchens and contemporary open kitchens alike, offering versatile and stylish open plan kitchen ideas.

Let's go into these three core ways to ensure your open kitchen layout serves you in both form and function in more detail below.

2300_1000_558-598_01 (2).jpg

Use Texture in open kitchens to section the space

Winslow Pantry Blue and Porcelain_Main Shot (1).jpg

Rugs can create defined 'focus areas,' and ceiling lights can help organize the space into distinct sections. These elements not only add functionality but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your open kitchen.

Poem Studio Open Kitchen Layout.webp

This open plan kitchen design from Poem Studio's Venice Beach project uses the textured rug detail to create synergy between the two walkways whilst unifying the kitchen island with the slightly seperate dining bar.

House of One_ Houseofone_.webp

Create unity through flooring and colour

Using consistent flooring throughout your open kitchen will draw the eye through the separate sections and create a cohesive look, unifying different areas and making the space feel larger. Color coordination, such as using dark lower cabinets and light upper cabinets, ties together kitchen and dining areas, creating a harmonious design. Feature appliances like a statement American fridge freezer or Quooker taps can be integrated into the overall design with matching details like brushed stainless steel accessories or open shelves, maintaining a unified look in your open kitchen.

Wren Kitchens Open Plan Green Kitchen.webp
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